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About this site This site contains some projects which I created in my free time. Some downloads might be outdated or broken, so check out my GitHub account. There is not much activity on this site.. maybe you will find somewhen a little change here or over there. GitHub projects Sometimes there are new commits for my Minetest mods or new features in C# programs. If you are active there: Pull requests are welcome! Check out
Forum You can find all the information about this website, like new features in projects, bugfixes and other stuff in there. If you have a problem or any other request, it's the place where you can ask other people for help. Read them
Youtube channel I rarely upload some tutorials there, nothing important at all. Take me there or Get the whole playlist
Everybody Edits Once upon there was a player called Krock who programmed bots for this game. There is also a spinoff version from November 2011 with some new packs, online since 2013: EE CM See the stuff
Future plans

IRC bot Bots are a good way to make an IRC channel more interesting. This bot offers in-line LuaJIT executing and the cards game called "Cheat". With the available plugins, there are also Lua scripts, like a quote, karma or the link database. Command reference Complete source code
IRC channel If you have questions or something else to discuss, join the channel #nimg_lobby on Rizon or use the webclient. IRC is a simple way to chat with other people without any additional client - works fine on all platforms. Please read the channel topic and respect the rules. Thanks. Join the channel

Check out some cool projects:
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